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Padstow Harbour

Padstow Padstow Harbour is a bustling working harbour located on the north coast of Cornwall in southwest England. The harbour is situated at the mouth of the River Camel, which flows out into the Atlantic Ocean. It's a picturesque location with a long history dating back to medieval times when Padstow was an important trading port.

Today, the harbour is still used by local fishermen who bring in their catch of crab, lobster, and other seafood. The harbour is also a popular spot for pleasure boats, which offer scenic tours of the coastline and fishing trips for visitors.

The harbour area is lined with a range of shops, cafes, and restaurants, many of which specialize in seafood dishes. The town is particularly known for its famous seafood chef, Rick Stein, who has several restaurants in the area, including The Seafood Restaurant and Rick Stein's Cafe.

During the summer months, the harbour is a popular destination for tourists, who come to enjoy the sunshine, explore the narrow streets of the town, and take boat trips out to sea. There are also regular events held in the harbour, including the annual Padstow Obby Oss festival, a colourful and lively celebration that takes place on May Day.

Overall, Padstow Harbour is a vibrant and bustling place with a rich history and plenty of things to see and do. It's a great destination for anyone visiting Cornwall who wants to experience a traditional working harbour and enjoy some of the best seafood in the region.

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